Special Offers and Programs

Dance Studios - Custom dance costumes

For dance studios we offer various programs that we can customize to suit their specific

and unique needs including volume discounts, and a valuable Client Loyalty Program

that offers long term savings that increase over time. Whether you order competitive or

recital level custom dance costumes you'll receive outstanding quality, service and

reliability at a price that suits your budgets.

From stunning solos to the largest of groups and productions, parents and students love

Kats Designs costumes, and feedback at studio level will only help to bolster your studio's

success and morale. From ballet to hip hop, no matter what dance discipline your studio

offers we can accommodate your every need.

Dancers - Custom dance costumes

We service dancers worldwide and can design and manufacturer to suit any theme or discipline. Whether you need a custom dance costume for yourself or your group, you'll be delighted with the ease of ordering, stunning designs, superior quality and affordability of our costumes. For individual dancers we can design and manufacturer from basic to the most elaborate of dance costumes. Please contact us and we'll show you just how easy the process is.

Figure Skaters - Custom skate dresses & skate outfits

From practice to competition Kats' designs and manufactures from basic to some of the most magnificently detailed and tailored custom skate dresses and outfits worn today. Regardless of your budget we can create designs that compliment any theme or program.

We offer a wonderful Sponsorship Program for skaters in the competitive stream that offers significant savings to aspiring skaters. Also please be sure to contact us for full details about our C.R.I.S.P.® Sponsorship Program. We also have full sponsorship opportunities for select qualified individuals. Please see our Sponsorship Page for more details.

Synchronized skate teams can take advantage of group discounts.

Gymnastics Clubs & Gymnasts - Custom Leotards & Custom Rhythmic Leotards

Customers flip when they see our designs and the quality of our custom gymnastics and custom rhythmic leotards. Our abilities in this area are limited only to one's imagination and we can create from the simple to the extremely complex. We ship worldwide and our rhythmic leotards are truly unsurpassed in design, quality, performance and value.

Gymnastics clubs can take advantage of volume discounts and our Client Loyalty Program for team and group orders and can be applied to Acro, Artistic, Aerobic, Trampoline as well as all Team leotards! 

We also have full sponsorship opportunities for select qualified individuals. Please see our Sponsorship Page for more details.

Cheerleaders - Custom costumes for cheerleaders

Cheerleading teams love our custom designed costumes while they enjoy group savings on their purchases. We manufacturer complete outfits for cheerleaders including warm-up suits, please contact us today for more details.

Other Performers - Any other type of custom costume

One of the biggest benefits to performers of every kind is the opportunity and ease of dealing with and buying directly from the manufacturer. Whether you are a high wire act, an acrobat, baton twirler, contortionist or synchronized swimmer we can design and manufacturer a custom costume just for you and within your budget and time frame.

Referral Rewards®

Our business continues to grow partly due to the very kind referrals we receive from our existing customers. Well we would like to say thank you for your referrals by offering you a discount on your next order. Simply contact us and let us know when you refer someone to us, and upon completion of their order we'll credit your account with $25.00 that you may apply to your very next order. Referral Rewards applies to custom leotards, custom skate dresses, dance costumes and all custom costumes.


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