Easy Ordering

1. You submit details such as ideas, themes, programs, routines and music etc.
2. We'll prepare designs, fabrics & colors for you to review.
3. We'll revise and tweak the designs to your satisfaction.
4. You submit your measurements & deposit.
5. We'll make and ship your outfit(s).



Q. How long do designs take?
A. Designs are usually ready for you to review within 2-3 business days.

Q. Can I order by phone?  What if I have questions or need help?
A. We can certainly help you by telephone with your order or with answers to your questions.  Feel free to call us any time during business hours.  

Q. How close does the finished outfit resemble the design?
A. Very close. Great care goes into replicating and adjusting design elements to each individual's proportions and then referenced back to the design in every stage of the production process.      

Q. How long does it take to make my outfit?
A. This depends on the time of year and the complexity and size of your order.

Q. How do I supply you with measurements?
A. We will supply you with the measurement forms when you proceed.

Q. How accurate will my outfit be against my measurements?
A. We check every measurement and use state-of-the-art computerized grading to size every piece.  As long as your measurements are correct your outfit should fit perfectly.

Q. How do I pay for my outfit?
A. You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery Card, Cash, Check or Money order. Debit card payments are also accepted but may be made ONSITE ONLY. Checks and money orders must be payable in Canadian dollars.  A 50% deposit is required on all custom orders with balance due upon completion.

Q. How do I select fabrics and colors?
A. We will send you fabric and color selections for you to see with your designs.

Q. I would like crystals on my outfit can you do that?
A. Absolutely.  Many of our outfits have crystals applied.   

Q. Do you have trims and appliques?
A. We have a wide array of trims and appliques to choose from or we can custom make any type or style of applique to suit any theme.

Q. How do I get pricing?
A. Customers provide us with a budget to work with and we design to suit those budgets.  If you see a design in one of our galleries that is not priced, please call or e-mail us for pricing. 

Q. Can I send you my own designs or drawings?
A. Yes and we'll then have our designers re-create them for you.

Q. Can I come to your office and order?
A. Yes absolutely.  Please contact us for an appointment.

Q. What if I need alterations or modifications?
A. We can do all alterations and modifications.  You can come in personally or send back your outfit for alterations.  Please contact us first.

Q. Can you make any type of costume?
A. We can make just about any type of costume for any type of performer.

Q. What type of fabrics do you use?
A. We stock a vast array of quality stretch fabrics and continually update our inventory to feature the latest styles.  With your input, we'll select fabrics that are most suitable for the activity and the outfit's intended use and theme for you to review.    

Q. Can I supply my own fabric, trims or appliques?
A. Yes, as long as they are suitable for their application.

Q. Can you supply large groups and large orders?
A. With enough notice we can supply groups and orders of any size.

Q. I'm located out of town can you still supply my costumes?
A. Absolutely, we deal with studios, clubs, groups and individuals world wide with great success and satisfaction.

Q. Do you sell to individuals? 
A. Yes.

Q. Do you have a print catalog?   
A. No.  We are custom designers and manufacturers and do not have ready-to-wear garments and therefore do not have a catalog.

Q. Do you offer a guarantee?
A. Absolutely!  All of our apparel is manufactured from the finest materials and to the highest standards of quality and workmanship.  If by our determination any item that is deemed to be defective shall be repaired or replaced free of charge for up to 30-days from date of purchase.

Q. What is your return policy?
A. Please note that custom made garments are not returnable or refundable.   


Q. Can I pick my order up?
A. Yes.

Q. Who pays for shipping?
A. The customer pays for shipping. From time to time we offer free shipping promotions on items in our design galleries.

Q. Where do you ship to?
A. We ship worldwide.

Q. How do you ship and how long does it take?
A. We use a number of carriers and determine the most cost effective way to ship.  The average delivery time is approximately 3-5 business days depending where you are located..

Q. Can you quote me shipping costs in advance?
A. Yes we can estimate them for you.

Q. Do you supply tracking details?
A. Yes.  As soon as your order is shipped we will send you an e-mail with tracking details for your shipment.


Q. Does Kats Designs offer sponsorship programs?
A. We do indeed offer different types of sponsorship programs please visit our sponsorship page for preliminary information.

Q. Do you sponsor individuals or teams as well?
A. We sponsor individuals and teams.

Q. How do I apply for sponsorship?
A. Once you have attained a qualifying sponsorship level within your sport, you can submit a sponsorship application to us for review.

Q. How do I/we qualify for sponsorship?
A. We use various criteria in evaluating candidates for sponsorship.  Upon review of your application we will see how closely it meets with our criteria.

Q. How many sponsorship opportunities are there?
A. There is an opportunity for 4 sponsorships at any one time, 2 for figure skating, 1 individual and 1 pair and 2 for gymnastics, 1 individual and 1 rhythmic team. 

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