About Us

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotards - Our beginning!

Kats Designs was founded over a decade ago with a fascination for rhythmic gymnastics and an

attraction to the highly artistic custom leotards that rhythmic gymnasts wore. Rhythmic gymnastics

leotards also known as rhythmic suits have evolved over the years as has the sport of rhythmic

gymnastics and the gymnasts who wear them. Over this period of time we too have evolved,

adapting our knowledge and experience and applying our skills to perfect the elements of design,

proportion and fit that are so very important to creating truly wonderful custom leotards. 

We have dedicated a lot of developmental time to construction and quality, ensuring that our apparel can withstand and endure the vigorous activities they are designed for, and every item we make is constructed of the highest quality materials we can buy and carefully inspected before it leaves our facility. Once we had perfected our leotards we went on to produce variations of which include custom unitards, catsuits and men's singlets.

Based in Markham, Ontario, Canada - Kats Designs comprises of a team of very dedicated, talented and highly skilled individuals, each with many years of experience in designing and manufacturing custom costumes. Each team member is truly a specialist in their field, from design to pattern making to cutting and grading, through to final assembly and inspection. Custom leotards are hand crafted and rhythmic leotards are particularly labor intensive to produce, but with refined systems and applications executed by highly experienced people, we have the capabilities to design to almost any budget and produce custom rhythmic leotards to suit any client's themes or routines.

Outstanding designs and high quality workmanship have attracted clients worldwide and we service the international marketplace including North America, Europe the United Kingdom and as far away as Australia. Our clients include but are not limited to, gymnasts (Rhythmic, Acro, Artistic, Aerobic Trampoline), figure skaters, dancers, acrobats, high wire acts, cheerleaders and performers of ANY kind and we sell to individuals, clubs, dance studios, organizations and teams that perform recreationally and at any level of competition.

Custom leotards to custom skate dresses – Our next evolution…

Custom skate dresses seemed a natural evolution for our company. The similarities between custom skate dresses and custom rhythmic leotards including many of the design elements we found were interchangeable, and custom skate dresses like custom leotards require similar techniques in their construction. Custom skate dresses not only have to look good but they have to fit right, regardless of whether it’s a simple practice skate dress or a high end competitive skate dress. As with custom rhythmic leotards, custom skate dresses require exceptional skills to produce, taking into consideration that the goal is to create a quality skate dress that not only suits the individual wearing it, but their program and of course their budget. Please visit our Skate Design Gallery for wonderful ideas and inspiration.

Today Kats Designs produces custom skate dresses for figure skaters and synchronized skate teams worldwide, including men’s and boy’s skate outfits and matching warm-up suits and accessories. From recreational to novice to the senior competitive stream, if you are considering a new custom skate dress or just looking for some advice, please feel free to contact us, we’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Custom leotards, skate dresses - next up - custom dance costumes…

At about the same time we started manufacturing custom skate dresses, we once again saw design similarities with custom dance costumes and we just naturally started to design and manufacture samples for various dance disciplines. Well through our existing clients word spread very quickly and before we knew it, dance studios and individuals were interested in our designs. Today we design and manufacture competitive and recital custom dance costumes, including complex and unique specialty custom dance costumes for individuals and studios around the world incorporating design elements, precise proportioning and the wonderful fit we have garnished from our custom leotard and custom skate dress experience.

Tap, jazz, lyrical, ballet, no matter what your discipline, we can design to most budgets and if you require specialty solo custom dance costumes, we're equipped to design and manufacture them no matter how complex they might be. From one to one thousand or more, we can accommodate your needs. 

Custom costumes for other forms of activity – We can do that!

Well it seems once you’ve mastered design, construction and fit, it’s natural to want to extend your capabilities even further and try new things, well we’ve been tested many a time with some very interesting and in some cases unusual requests for custom costumes, and in every case we use our knowledge and resources to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.

Do you have a custom costume in mind and want to get creative? Well there’s nothing better we like to do, so please contact us and we’ll have some fun in the process.  We'll take your ideas and create them into reality with something special you'll love to wear and we'll be proud to call a Kats Design.

Custom apparel other than costumes? - We do that too!

As costume makers we often receive inquiries as to whether we can make just about anything and a lot of times we are asked if we can make custom made mainstream apparel, well the answer to that is absolutely we can!

In many cases designing and manufacturing costumes is more complex than traditional apparel, so for us to create and produce different forms of garments be it custom jackets, track suits, active wear, dresses or just about any other form of apparel - yes we can certainly do that and it’ll be affordable, unique and of course will have a custom fit.

Whether you need just 1, 100 or 1,000 or more we would be happy to quote on your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Embellishments - Gorgeous designs & stunning effects…

If you're looking to step-up your costumes to a whole new level our creative department is up to the challenge! Whether you like crystals, custom appliques, hand painting or any other stunning effects, we are ready willing and able to add the "WOW" factor to your costumes. If you feel creative we'll even teach you how to do it on your own, how about adding your own crystals for example? well here's a post in our blog on exactly how to do it Hot Fix 101 and great pricing on crystals here, or leave it to us and one thing you can be sure of, when you want that extra "WOW" factor our experienced team can provide it within a budget that works for you.

First contact – Friendly and professional…

From the moment you make contact with us you'll quickly learn that we really are a different company. Many people are surprised at how quickly we respond to their inquiries, how professional we are and how friendly and easy we are to deal with. We feel this is very important, especially for those that have never ordered a custom costume before and for those who want to order a custom costume from far away.

So how do we do it? Well we believe our thorough understanding of how to ask the right questions to determine precisely what our client is looking for helps to make the process simple. If you are looking for a custom costume, be it a custom leotard, skate dress, dance costume or perhaps you are looking for a costume that is highly specialized, we have learned that by asking the right questions we can quickly help narrow in on exactly what you are looking for. Some people know exactly what design and colors they want, others have some ideas and just need us to bring it all together for them, while others may need assistance all the way and this is what we love to do. It’s fun, creative and the end result is very rewarding. When you’re in the market for your next custom costume please contact us and we think you’ll really enjoy the experience.

Our promise is our word!...

Two common questions we’re asked are; ‘can I have it by a certain date?’ and ‘can you do this?’ At Kats Designs there are a couple of things you can be absolutely sure of and that is, if we can’t meet your required date we will tell you up front and if we can’t do it, we’ll tell you that too! Our reputation is everything to us and we have never missed a required date and we will never say we can do something if we can’t do it and when it comes to custom costumes we can do just about anything. Peace-of-mind ordering is one more level of confidence that you can be assured of when ordering from Kats Designs, we guarantee it!

How much does it cost?

How much do you want to spend? Every custom costume we design is to your budget. Perhaps you want something simple and let the fabrics and colors convey the impact and theme of the costume. Perhaps you want something elaborate such as a special solo dance costume, or a fairly simple design on a rhythmic leotard, once we know your budget, we’ll utilize those resources to create the best value and best looking custom costume possible.

Charge for designs? – No not us!

We’re asked this question quite often and we’ve heard that many companies in our line of business do charge for custom designs, well we don’t charge and there is a very good reason we don’t and that is, 99.9% of people we do designs for proceed with their orders. Without the design you can’t order, so our belief is that creating a design especially for you is part of our service and as we design to your budget, if you love the design and the price is within your budget then our design time is well spent. We deal with terrific people and they understand that great designs take time and cost money to produce, but our investment in your design is part of our pleasure of doing business and we know when you love our designs, you’ll tell someone else about them and that is worth more to us than anything else.

Building relationships – Clients since day one…

Business is about building relationships and we have a long list of clients who have dealt with us since the company was founded. They’ve grown with us and we’ve grown with them and their needs as they have changed over time. You may have a one time requirement or an ongoing one, but regardless of how small or how large your need is, you are very important to us and we hope that we can do business together now and again in the future. Please read what some of our clients have said on our testimonials page.

Innovative Programs - Giving back to our clients.…

Our innovations in costume design and manufacturing has led us to create some very unique and valuable programs for our clients, it's our way of saying thank you for your support and your continued business and if you are new to Kats Designs, you are going to enjoy some of these terrific programs such as our Referral Rewards® and Sponsorship Programs.

Company blog - Interesting articles, information & announcements.…

Please visit our company blog where you'll find interesting articles and the latest news from Kats Designs. Our blog features interesting articles and information related to the work we do, including tips and tricks on some of the things you can do too, plus announcements on company developments new programs and designs and generally fun interaction and discussion. If there is a topic you would like to suggest to us to include in our blog, please let us know and we'll look to include it so others can interact and benefit from it too.

Kats Media Center - Videos, images & the latest news

Our media center features videos, images and the latest news from the world of rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating and dance. View videos and images from the present and past, watch your favorite athletes and performers, see their costumes, get new ideas and inspiration for your own costumes and even suggest videos and images to add to our collection and to share with others. In the coming months our goal is to search for and add a variety of quality content from around the world. We hope you enjoy visiting our media center and please come back and see us again soon.

Thank you for visiting our website, if you have any questions please contact us or you may find your answers on our FAQ page.


Mission Statement

One-of-a-kind designs and custom costumes for the world to enjoy and compete in.

To design and manufacture quality custom costumes and sports apparel for individuals, amateurs, professionals and teams globally. To tailor our designs to exacting client need's, while consistently enhancing our ability to be the very best we can be.